Month: November 2014

  • “Secret” Rapture – Unveiled

    “Secret” Rapture – Unveiled

    The subject of the Secret Rapture has taken the evangelical world by storm; even more so after the block buster series, “Left Behind” a series of 13 best-selling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, first published 1995–2007. The series has morphed into three action thriller films with a reboot released in 2014, starring…

  • Wicked Manasseh

    Wicked Manasseh

    Have you ever done something so bad, that you felt as though God could not forgive you? You felt weighed down in guilt and remorse? Perhaps you are currently in this condition; if so, I want you to know that God has not abandoned you. In fact, He specializes in forgiveness and reconciliation. If ever…

  • Wine of Communion

    Wine of Communion

    Have you ever been to a communion service where the priest served wine? I mean real, fermented wine.  Priests are often drunk by the end of the service due to the amount of alcohol they have consumed from serving at the “Lord’s Supper.” Does this match up with scripture? Should the communion wine, representing the…